I made this blog today

Hey friends! I write a lot about mental health stuff and sometimes when I do that, people are like hey can I share this with people? and yeah, I’m always good with that, but also I’m kinda really uncomfortable with the idea of having random facebook posts shared who knows where, plus then it’s super hard to go back and find older stuff I’ve written. So I’m making another attempt at BLAWGIN’ — I’ve always failed at it before because I suck at current technology and forget to update. So uh, we’ll see how this goes. I’m gonna try to backdate shit so it ends up in the order I wrote it, but also I really hate wrestling with wordpress sooooo, whatevs. If you do cite/share this, it’d be cool if you dropped a comment. And if you feel like commenting for whatever other reason, please remember that I am a person and I have lots of feelings and some of the stuff posted here is quite personally revealing, so maybe try to have some grace and remember that we all come from different places. I will extend the same respect to you. Cool! Let’s talk about minds.


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